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Cheap Wine Records Is Scotland’s Answer To Corporate Crap

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KAOS radio has been in existence for over a decade now and in the search to bring new music to the Smooth & Demented Show I am always on the lookout for a good source of tunes! Lucky was I when Sleepy Eyes Nelson informed me that after departing from his former label ( Devils Ruin Records) he was now putting his music out under a Scottish label known as Cheap Wine Records. I took to the internet and found that this was DIY personified! Blues, Country, Punk, Lo-Fi industrial even! Names you may know are Sleepy Eyes Nelson and Slate Dump but there are some more tricks in this bag of musical goodness that you simply must explore. Lots of low cost physical copies but you will find a good bit of free content here as well!
If you are a fan of The Smooth & Demented Show you will be pleased to know that you can download for free Sleepy Eyes Nelson & Slate Dump-Live on KAOS radio…. or purchase a physical copy and help out this upstart label!

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KAOS radio:Secret Bluegrass Operations

Over the last few years KAOS radio has been fortunate enough to cover the Old Settlers Music Fest. KAOS radio collects great interviews and records dynamic live sessions in a “field recording” style format and then offers this content free of charge to fans online …as well as broadcast it on http://www.kaosradioaustin.org
KAOS radio is fully independent and commercial free…. and is the only station you will hear music recorded live from Old Settlers Fest! KAOS radio captures not only the main-stage performers for inmate recordings in the campground but also focuses on the lesser known musicians lingering about the campground of the musically rich outdoor festival known as Old Settlers located at the historic Camp Ben McClulloch! Get tickets, pitch a tent, camp-out and…if you can find them… listen to what WIRED magazine called one of “the last bastions of outlaw radio” ….KAOS radio!

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Old Settlers Music Festival
At Old Settlers…get off the beaten path and find this banner in the campground!

Smooth & Demented Show: 12-19-11

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Smooth & Demented Show-Yuletide Blowout!!!

Looking for a holiday show that wont make ya puke? Download or stream 2hrs of great and commercial free music in the season of hyper-commercialism ! Music from Johnny Cash, Steve Von Till, Townes Van Zandt , Sea Wolf, Jack White, The Dirt, One-Eyed Mule, Rev. Glasseye, The Pogues as well as new Christmas songs from Brent Amaker and The White Ghost Shivers ! Special guest …Ernest Tubb!


Three Must Have Gothic Country Albums

What surprises most folks about the genre of gothic country… is that something called gothic country even exists! If you get them to understand it is not quite Marilyn Manson in a cowboy hat (even though that holds a certain appeal) you can direct them to these three nightmarishly wonderful albums!

Reverend Glasseye-“Black River Falls” 2001

Formerly of Slim Cessna Auto Club it is Reverend Glasseye that brings a solid dose of darkness to the country-roots music world and is one of the early practitioners in the current gothic country movement. Reverend Glasseye & His Wooden Legs “Black River Falls” album is a gem of a recording that seeps the feeling of a dark carnival. A shot of Absinthe may go as well with this album as would a glass of whiskey. Glasseye brings a klesmer and sometimes circus element to this very theatrical sounding album. Songs like “3 Ton Chain” really transport you into a story of lonely travelers in dark times and Glasseye incorporates a cacophony of instruments to make a well layered and authentic sound that takes the listener far away. “Black River Falls” is a trip worth taking.


Those Poor Bastards-“Hellfire Hymns” 2007

A screen door slams closed in the first few seconds of this album starting off the song “Dust Storm” and the tone is set for the quintessential gothic country song that may be one of the most important to date. One of the most important songs to date because it has more in common with industrial or even black metal then with country music yet when Lonesome Wyatt swings the hammer down he hits the country nail on the head with a lyrical style that is sinister, lonesome and …sometimes…downright mean! Tunes like “God Damn Me” and “Hellbound Train” have a classic country/folk songwriting ethic behind the dark and domed layers of crunching and crackling music that swirls in the background of these brilliantly crafted songs. “Hellfire Hymns” is a gothic country masterpiece that is a suiting bridge between the punk/metal world and the country music world. Set your speakers ablaze with these “Hellfire Hymns”!


The Dirt– “Bury Me Tomorrow” 2010

Classic British and Scottish folk music combined with American country roots is not a new idea by a long shot. The Dirt raise the gothic country bar with their debut 2010 release called “Bury Me Tomorrow” and every song is a dark pleasure that takes a cue from those roots elements. Based in Glasgow, Scotland these songs about murder, lust, death and loss are well fleshed out and to the point. Every song is a gothic delight but the album truly succeeds by inserting ironically upbeat songs in the midst of this wicked musical revelry. After tunes that drip from the precipice of darkness like “Built This Church” The Dirt then delivers a playful number as they follow with “Love Is Like A Cold War”  and alternating male/female vocals by Graeme Dirt and Jen Dirt on the subject of relational stubbornness’ is a ray of sunlight before the black clouds roll back in. The Dirt is one of the most exciting groups in their genre right now but I warn ye… depression is a part of this album. Evil is a part of this album….but greatness should follow this extremely promising band wherever they roam! Don’t be scared. Put your ear to The Dirt.


Smooth & Demented Show : 8-16-2011

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Smooth & Demented Show
Music from Kitty Wells, Hank III, Munley & The Lee Lewis Harlots, Carmen Lee, Scott H. Biram, Joe Buck and featuring the dark country release from Glasgow based band The Dirt!

The Dirt formed in Glasgow of 2007 and put their debut album out entitled “Bury Me Tomorrow” before embarking on a brief European tour to support it in 2011. The new album is 11 songs (recorded in a former slaughter house) that ache with primal, gothic sounds and disturbing tales of evil deeds.  “Bury Me Tomorrow” is a gloomy triumph of underground folk and country music that is a must listen! The Dirt have placed a dark offering upon the alter of gothic country. Lets hope they keep it up!